Why Hire Someone To Replace Your Light Bulbs?

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Plunged into darkness – another bulb gone! It’s frustrating for anyone to deal with, whether you’re a homeowner or a site manager for a business. But isn’t it easy to replace a bulb? Is it really necessary to hire someone in to do it?

Well, we think there are four very good reasons why you should consider bringing someone in to do the deed.

Finding the right bulb

Whether you’re lighting your living room, or illuminating an office, there are a lot of choices out there. You could just choose any bulb that seems to fit the bill – but will it be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly?

A professional will be able to fully assess your needs, recommending the best bulbs that will last longer and save you money. They will also be able to find these bulbs at the best price, straight from a reputable wholesaler. No overly priced brand names, or budget bulbs that promise the world but definitely won’t deliver it!

Putting health and safety first

Working at height when replacing a bulb can be a recipe for disaster if your health and safety isn’t considered a priority. A wobbly ladder could end in a number of different ways – and none of them are good!

By hiring a member of our team to fit a light bulb (or a few), you are hiring someone who is qualified, has the best safety-checked equipment and is fully insured to carry out the job. It’s within our best interest to keep up to date with health and safety legislation – so you don’t have to!

Saving significant time

Here at RLC, we are all about saving our customers time. Our response times are something we are very proud of – plus you can even book a convenient time online for us to visit that fits around your busy schedule!

Delivery times take just 24 hours, and with your one-hour slot, there’s no waiting around for hours for someone to visit. Easy peasy.

If you have any more complicated fittings like tube lighting, chandeliers or other less straightforward appliances, we can handle these with ease too!

Receiving a great service

It is within our best interest as well as yours to ensure that you are happy with the product and service you have received.

We will always check in with you after the installation to make sure the bulb is operating to your expectations – we’ll troubleshoot any problems with you and only arrange another visit if it is absolutely necessary.

Did you know if you are using old CFL or fluorescent bulbs, they need to be disposed of correctly due to their mercury content?

We’d be happy to have a chat about your requirements and see how you could benefit from working with us!

As we are solely focused on light bulb replacement, you can rest assured that we really are the experts. What’s more, we won’t charge you an arm and leg like an electrician might!

Get in touch today with any questions – or book your assessment here.



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