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Changing a lightbulb can be as simple as reaching up above your head. In many cases, however, it isn’t so simple. Here are situations where you need a specialist service for your bulb installation and replacements in Brighton:

  • Bulbs with complex setups (especially holders and protectors) make it difficult to install or replace them.
  • You have personal health and safety concerns dealing with some varieties and wattages of bulbs.
  • Your business needs to adhere to safety regulations with electrical works.
  • You are concerned about energy efficiency, longevity and personal/business branding.
  • You have limited mobility and need some help.

Your first instinct may be to call in an electrician, but for bulb installation and replacement in Brighton, this is not cost-effective. Electricians charge a lot more than we do for such jobs; please check our Pricing page for details on our prices.

Also, while an electrician specialises in how power gets to the bulb, we specialise on the bulb itself. Our specialist service means we get it right every time, and are the right lightbulb replacement company in Brighton for you.

Great Benefits of Choosing Brighton’s Replacement Lightbulb Company for Your Bulb Replacement and New Installations

Homes, institutions, and businesses in the Brighton area can take advantage of our comprehensive and cost-effective service to meet their practical, aesthetic and economic considerations in bulb installation and replacement. With us, you will enjoy:

  • Precision – Because it is our speciality, we know all bulb products available in the market today, and we know which ones best meet your lighting needs.
  • Swift response and job execution – Quick Brighton replacement light bulb service from experts who know their work and are never too busy for you. Never wait a moment longer than necessary to get your lights back on.
  • Great discounts on bulk orders – We negotiate deals with suppliers on bulk order and pass the cost savings directly to you.
  • Perfect balance – Do you have branding requirements with your bulbs? Are you concerned about energy-efficiency? Do you require durable bulbs that present a cost-efficient investment? Do you require a certain level of brightness for your bulbs?

Now you never have to compromise on any of your considerations in a bulb replacement or new installation because we will always help you find the right balance.

We replace and install all kinds of bulbs irrespective of the bulb technology like LEDs, tubes, halogen bulbs, and spotlights. We do it all quickly, neatly and to the highest standards.

When choosing is hard, The Replacement Bulb Company Makes it Easy

LED bulbs have a long lifespan and are common in domestic setups. Halogen bulbs have a warm, ambient and natural glow, and are ideal for homes. Tubes are ideal for businesses and institutions. However, there are always exceptions.

All of these bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and styles. We are experts, we will advise you which is best for your situation.

The Replacement Lightbulb Service Guarantee to You in Brighton

We have carefully built a reputation as an honest bulb installation company which offers Brighton residents and businesses sound investments. We will not jeopardize this reputation. The majority of our businesses come from customer referrals.

Enjoy the services of a reputable company that promises:

  • Uncompromised quality – whatever your other considerations, the quality is consistent. We source from reliable suppliers in Brighton and beyond, whom we have partnered with for years.
  • Turnaround time that impresses – we are quick, from response time to job completion time. Our turnaround can range from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the project. If you require a lightbulb, we don’t already stock, it takes us 24 hours to have them delivered. Compare this to the industry average of 3 – 5 days.

Whatever the scale of the job, we have the connections, expertise and personnel to make a replacing any lightbulb 100% hassle free.

  • Professional but friendly lightbulb replacement service – Enjoy honest quotes and fulfilment of all contract terms. We leave no mess behind and cause no damage to your fittings/property.

You will be dealing with helpful technicians who encourage your questions and handle all your concerns to ensure that you get the best service.

  • Charge on installation/replacement only – You don’t pay extra for our coming to your property or consulting to determine the right product for your requirements.

We have a fixed price of £40 for the full service, with £10 added for any additional bulb fittings. Get a bespoke quote for your project today.

  • Free aftercare – We want to know that we have done a good job for you. We always get in touch to ensure that.

Not in Brighton? No Problem

You can enjoy all of our services at our affordable rates even if you are not within the Brighton and Hove area. We are able and willing to quickly reach out to you outside the Brighton and Hove area. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you today.

Our Qualifications Put Us in Prime Position to Deliver Outstanding Replacement Bulb Service to You

After having worked in property management for several decades, we identified a need in the industry that wasn’t being met: helping homes and businesses fit and replace their bulbs quickly, cost-efficiently and to their taste.

Also, we have since been dedicated to ensuring that our customers:

  • Can quickly get the size, colour and style of bulb they want.
  • Enjoy energy savings.
  • Always get bulbs that last.
  • Enjoy quick installations.
  • Enjoy all of these at very affordable rates.

Our Qualifications

Everyone on our team is fully trained as is relevant to their responsibilities. For example, the founder of our company, Mark Packwood is a:

  • Property Surveying degree holder from Southampton Solent University
  • Member of The Institute of Residential Property Managers (IRPM)

We all undergo regular health and safety training and development. You are dealing with professionals that maintain the highest industry standards in bulb replacement and new bulb installation services in Brighton.

Now you are aware that fitting or replacing a bulb can involve a lot more than screwing and unscrewing bulbs, and you know who the experts are, get in touch. We can work around any technical difficulties, and ensure that you enjoy top-quality lighting, while saving a lot of money on your fitting projects.

This is what we offer at The Replacement Lightbulb Company. Find out for yourself – contact us today or book a service online

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