How To Make Your Office More Energy Efficient – And Save Money Too

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As a business owner, you’ve heard it many times – “Your business should be more energy efficient!” Well, it’s true but it’s also very easy!

Whether you’re just looking to make small changes to save a few pennies, or you want to become much greener, we have some tips to help you along the way.

Shut down at night

A really easy way to cut back your energy use is to ensure that your employees are turning off all equipment at the end of the day. Although putting computers into hibernate mode can reduce the energy output overnight and at weekends, turning them off completely will make a much bigger difference!

This doesn’t just go for desk equipment, as printer scanners, microwaves and any other additional electrical equipment can also be turned off at the power outlet to save energy. Just don’t turn the fridge off! 

Top tip: Consider putting signs up by doors to remind staff to check they have turned everything off before they leave.


No one likes to be cold in the office, as it can be distracting – restricting the heating use for your employees is just unfair! Instead, it’s all about managing the temperature and avoiding heating areas that aren’t used.

Get familiar with the settings on your heaters, and agree a suitable room temperature. Just reducing the temperature by 1 degree Celsius can reduce the consumption in an average office by 8% according to Carbon Trust.

Depending on the nature of the work your employees do, there may be areas where the heating can be lower as the work is more labour-intensive.

Top tip: Encourage your staff to check that the heating isn’t on where it’s not necessary. For example, if your meeting rooms are not booked out, there’s no need to have the radiator on.

Only print when necessary

The world has gone digital, so your office should too. Avoid printing out anything that can be shared digitally, and engrain this attitude into your working culture as best you can.

When printing is necessary, once the papers are done with, make sure you have plenty of recycling bins available so that staff are not tempted to put paper in the general waste for convenience. We’re all guilty of it, sometimes! 

Upgrade your equipment

It’s often tempting to make cost savings when buying microwaves, kettles and other peripheral equipment.

However, by purchasing more energy-efficient models which are likely to cost more from the offset, the running costs will be less over time.

If this isn’t incentive enough, according to Energy.Gov businesses can occasionally be entitled to tax breaks for investing in more energy efficient equipment.

Switch to LEDs – and don’t forget to turn them off at night!

This is arguably the easiest way to make really significant energy savings. If you are using incandescent bulbs, make the switch to LEDs. The upfront costs might be putting you off, but the long-term savings are a lot more attractive!

LED bulbs can save up to 90% off your energy bill, according to London Electric Design. Oh, and they last 25 times longer than halogen!

You may have heard myths that LED light can be a bit harsh for the office environment, what with the glare of computer screens as well. This is untrue, as LED bulbs offer a lot of flexibility with the level and colour of lighting you require.

Take the first, easiest step towards reducing your carbon footprint today by booking in an assessment for light bulb replacement with one of our expert team. Book online now.

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