Choosing The Right Light Bulbs For Your Home

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Using the right lighting in your home can elevate the design and comfort of the rooms by providing the right type of atmosphere you desire. For example in your living room you may wish for a cosier feel but a kitchen or study will benefit more from a brighter look.

So how can you achieve the atmosphere you wish for? By choosing the right bulbs of course! Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when buying bulbs for your home.

What sort of lighting do you want to achieve?

There are two key factors to think about here. Firstly, what colour bulb do you want to go for? While it’s unlikely you’ll be after a funky shade of purple or green, there are different tones of yellows and whites available to choose from.

Yellower tones are ideal for ambient lighting in living rooms or bedrooms, whereas whiter shades of light are better suited to kitchens, dining rooms and offices if you are trying to replicate daylight or a more neutral tone.

The second key factor to think about is the brightness of your bulb. If you have a larger room to fill you will want to get a brighter bulb, whereas a smaller room will do just fine with a dimmer bulb.

Which bulbs will do the job?

With the flexibility and efficiency of LED bulbs, you can achieve a variety of lighting levels to suit your requirements.

While traditional incandescent bulbs may have the appeal of being cheaper, you will have longer term savings by investing more up front with LEDs. This is because LEDs last significantly longer, and use less electricity to produce the same amount of light as an incandescent – meaning your bills will be cheaper, too.

LEDs and other energy-efficient bulbs are measured in lumens rather than watts. The greater the measure of lumens, the more light the bulb will produce.

What fitting and shape of bulb do you need?

Another two crucial things to consider when choosing a bulb are ensuring the fitting is correct, and the shape is appropriate for your needs.

Bulbs come in a plethora of fitting types. The two main ones you will come across are bayonet and screw fittings, but there are many others. To ensure you have the right one for your needs it is always best to take an old bulb with you when shopping for new ones.

The shape of the bulb affects how the light is spread. For example, a spotlight will produce a narrower beam of light, whereas a golf or globe bulb will spread much further. So if you’re looking to light the whole room, for example from a ceiling fitting, a globe or golf will be more suitable. If you are lighting a particular area within a room, such as an art piece, then a spotlight will do the trick.

Let us do the hard work for you

By having one of our expert team come and assess your property, we will do the hard work for you and find you the right bulbs at a great price. You can even book an assessment online now.


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