As a business owner, it is vitally important to ensure that your premises are safe for your employees and customers.

Poor wiring or old cabling can be a significant hazard that can easily be avoided by conducting rewiring work.

What is rewiring?

Rewiring for a light fitting is when part, or the entire fitting needs replacing. It can be needed for a number of reasons that are often related to the age of the building.

How do I know my premises needs rewiring?

There are a number of signs that indicate rewiring work needs to be completed. These can include flickering and faulty lighting.

You might initially assume the bulb is on the way out, but the problem could be deeper rooted.

RLC can help

When you arrange a call-out with us to replace bulbs, let us know about any fittings you are concerned about and we can send a specialist to take a look and cost for the job.

Using RLC for your rewiring work will save you money, as we are incredibly competitive compared to electricians that will often charge higher labour costs.

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