We are The Replacement Lightbulb Company

Professional, swift light bulb replacement and rewiring for business, managing agents and individuals.

The Replacement Lightbulb company was originally formed as a dedicated service to replace and fit light bulbs. We even supply them, too!

We realised quickly that many of our customers would also benefit from a rewiring service that was more cost-effective than hiring an electrician.

Light Bulb Replacement Service

Over time, light bulbs have become more complex. With various fittings, colours and wattages available, it’s hard to know which is “the one”.

Processes for light bulb installation have also changed. This adds more risk for both businesses and individuals, and now health and safety is taken much more seriously as a result. Businesses, in particular, have more rigorous regulations to follow.

Enter The Replacement Lightbulb Company – we are here to step in and provide a cost and time effective solution. We will:

  • Assess the need
  • Find the right product – and we’ll never charge you a premium for it
  • Install the bulb(s) at a time convenient to you

Most products will take just 24 hours to arrive – whilst our competitors’ average turnaround will be 3-5 days.

Business & Domestic Rewiring Service

Concerned about the wiring in your building or home? If your light fittings no longer work as they should, there’s no need to call out an electrician.

Dangerous wiring is a serious hazard – so don’t take the risk of ignoring what might seem like a small issue.

Find out more about Business Rewiring service
Find out more about Domestic Rewiring service

We pride ourselves on being highly cost effective to our customers, with no extra charges for call outs or any hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

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